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Our Terms and Conditions

At MPT Installations, we have a set of terms and conditions that we follow; we expect our clients to do the same. You should be aware of our policies and comply with them. Get in touch with us if you have doubt regarding our terms.

Here are our terms and conditions:

All installations carry a two-year warranty against leakage between the house and the new window.
The price includes the cost of all interior trim and insulation materials.
All trim will be colonial pattern with one primer coat applied. Other patterns can be supplied upon request.
All materials have to be paid for before installation, and the balance of the installation could be paid on the final day of installation.
Payment must be made in full on final day of installation unless prior arrangements have been made.
All old frames will be removed from site at no extra cost.
Any deterioration to adjacent areas of the installation not visible at survey will be repaired at extra cost.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that extra materials like low-e glass, grills etc. are requested at the time of ordering.
The removal and re-installation of blinds and curtains are not covered in the quotation price.
Please be aware that redecoration to some extent is likely following the installation of doors and windows.
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