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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our service? Take a look at the some of the commonly asked questions to find the answer to your question and if you can’t find your query below, give us a call.

  • Q. How Do You Earn from This Service?
    A. By providing quality window installation service.
  • Q. Do I Have to Make a Deposit for the Installation?
    A. No, you don’t have to! You can make the payment at the last day of the installation, but all materials have to be paid before they can be ordered.
  • Q. Is It Necessary to Visit the Showroom of My Chosen Supplier?
    A. No, we provide you with brochures. But we would be glad to accompany you to their showroom and help you make the right decision.
  • Q. Are Your Vinyl Windows Maintenance-Free?
    A. Well, we would say the vinyl content of the windows is relatively maintenance-free. But if you want to keep them in original condition, an occasional wipe with a mild soap solution should do the trick.
  • Q. Does the New Installation Come with a Warranty?
    A. Yes it does. The installation carries a 2-year warranty against leaks.
  • Q. What Is the Expected Time of Delivery of My Windows?
    A. Usually it takes up to 3 weeks, but it may vary depending upon the time of the year.
  • Q. How Much Time Does It Take for Window Installation?
    A. For most houses the installation can be completed within a week, but again it varies.
  • Q. Can I See Examples of Your Previous Work?
    A. Certainly, you can visit our Windows or Doors page to see some of our installation work. You can also ask any of our past customers about our services.
  • Q. Do You Dispose of Old Windows?
    A. Yes we do; we have a local recycling programme in effect for disposing of your old windows. The removal of your old windows is included in your price; we take away anything that you do not want to keep and get it recycled.
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