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Low E Glass explanation
Heat easily passes through clear glass.In technical terms,it has high emissivity.So the sun's energy easily passes through the glass during the day and heat can equally easily leave the warmer house  to the cooler outdoors at night.A low-emissivity or low-E, coating is a very thin,transparent layer applied to the glass to reduce the amount of energy(radiant heat and ultraviolet rays) that passes through the window.That helps to save energy and reduce fading of room furnishings .The low-E coating is usually placed on the interior surface of one of the panes ,adjacent to the trapped air space.

A double glazed window with a low-E coating  has about the same insulating value as an uncoated triple glazed unit.The low-E coating improves the insulating value of the double glazed window from R-2 to R-3 or R-4 depending on the type of coating.

The two main types of low-E coatings :Northern or hard coat low-E maximises solar heat gains and reduces heat loss at night;southern or soft-coat reduces both solar heat gain and heat loss at night .Advantages of low-E windows include reduced fading of carpets,drapes and furniture;reduced mildew and deterioration of the window frame;increased comfort near windows,and lower energy bills for years to come
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