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I have 42 years experience in the manufacture and installation of windows and doors both here and in the European market,in fact I installed my first vinyl window in a small porch in a house in Redditch Worcestershire 35 years ago.
You are about to commence on a large project for your home,the installation of new windows and doors.At first glance it might seem an easy task to select a window from a high quality brochure,but wait ! Did you know that you could pay up to $400.00 extra for a window that would not give you any better service than one costing much less.That's where I come in.......
The windows of today are a far cry from those humble beginnings 42 years ago.The quality is now much better and improved manufacturing techniques give you the customer a far superior product than way back
I can give you the information that you need to get the best value for money available,I know the ins and outs of the window business and believe me ,sometimes it can be likened to buying an airline ticket when it comes to getting the best value.
You should find lots of answers in these pages,if you don't,please feel free to e-mail or phone me,I will be only too pleased to help
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